Help wanted: We need you

We need your help (with apologies for the rather obvious image)

If you’re reading this, you’re interested in our project to get the MakerSpace up and running in Norwich.
You’ll also be aware that this is a community project – we’ve said we need help to get it off the ground – and this is where we want you to get involved a little more.
We want to be able to demonstrate that the project is viable and sustainable in the long-term. We think that part of this is by demonstrating that we have a community of supporters and this is where you come in.

We would like each of you to start tweeting this: I think Norwich should have a Makerspace. If you do too then RT & add your name to the supporters list at @MakeNorwich

We’d also like you to try and spread the word, to be ambassadors for the project. That’s it, that’s all we’d like you to do.

The aim is to try and get 300 public pledges by next March, it will demonstrate that the project has a chance.

We have some exciting plans for an event in the new year too. BUT without your help none of this will happen. So please, take five minutes out to help spread the word.

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SyncNorwich Lightning talk

This is the talk I gave at SyncNorwich recently.

Apologies in advance for the hand waving, but fortunately for you I’m hidden in shadow!

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Castle Rising in 3D

One of our supporters, Elliott Corke of Hexcam, has created a 3D visualisation of a Norfolk landmark. We tweeted about it the other day, but you should take a look at the video below.

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Make summer fun

The summer holidays are almost here – so I’m going to try and pull together a list of things (as many free as possible) that you can make throughout the summer.

It would be great to get some ideas from all of you too – so if you come across anything exciting – please email them to or tweet them to

I’ll add categories as we go along but here’s a first few:


If your child likes books as much as my daughter – why not get them to do there own? Go here to find out how


Paper craft robot – very simple cut out and paste robot

You can email for free paper toy templates from this site


Dinosaur Mask templates


Make a crochet monster

Make some sea monster tentacles (thanks to Alina for that one) – I think some of these might make great suckers too (might need to paint them)


Online Maker camps on Google + from the guys at Maze Magazine (see below)

Access Art – some free projects and some tutored online courses but reasonable priced

Geekdad – great for ideas and links to other projects

Instructables – an awesome site with plenty of projects ranging from the very simple to the incredibly complex. You may have to pay for some donloads though.

Make: Projects – fantastic resource with video and instructions, through some of the projects might require some cash.

If your kids get Stir crazy – head to Nerdy Day Trips


Your ideas

@AurumJewellers suggested the following:

Make a Treasure box from a kids shoe box! Paint and cover it with glitter, paper etc. My little one keeps her beads in hers!

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Roll out the barrel

This is incredible – Star Wars theme-tune playing barrel organ made completely from Star Wars Lego!

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TED Talk – Open source imagination

Great Ted Talk by Massimo Banzi – one of the brains behind Arduino – thanks to Alex Scotton for pointing it out.

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A Fab Lab for Norwich

We’re attempting to start a new Fab Lab or makerspace in the city and we’d like you to get involved.

To give you an idea of what the project is about – here’s a brief overview of what the space will be.

The [Norwich Makerspace] is:
•    The space will be the community’s workshop
•    A space where people can meet, learn, build and play – where you can build or fix almost anything
•    A place for anyone who needs space or kit for their projects or activities
•    A membership organisation
•    Not for profit, but will have a commercial backbone in order to provide revenues to make the space sustainable and to provide new equipment/services for the space.

Above all – You don’t have to have a Big Idea or a Grand Plan as a reason to be noodling with stuff you find interesting. So we can all stop thinking about things, and start making things!

The space will offer:
The space will be genuinely collaborative, all organisations which use the space will be encouraged to work with each other.
A place where people of all ages can develop talents they didn’t know they had and discover the pleasure and power of collaborating with others.

Creative people and artists can find new tools and ways of expressing themselves.
Everyone gives generously of their time and experience to share with others and make new things happen.
The community will help govern the contents of the space, events within the space and any capital expenditure on new kit.
A venue for existing businesses to market themselves through maker related courses.

Access and education
A space that is open to everyone.
A venue for peer-to-peer education.
People who followed a path into internet engineering can back up and explore the possibilities of different types of engineering
Where people from all backgrounds can learn and play with tools they could never normally afford to buy themselves.
A space that will be accessible to all groups and individuals on a 24/7 (or as close as practical) basis.

Students and ex-students can find a supportive environment which is between the world of study and the world of work.
Entrepreneurs can develop new products and build teams with the skills to help take them to market

And if you want to find out a little more – here’s a short video about our plans.

If you’re interested and would like to find out more, get involved or join our mailing list please email us at

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